Deep groove ball bearings are versatile, self-retaining bearings. These bearings, which are of simple design, robust in operation and easy to maintain, are available in single row and double row designs and in open and sealed variants. The solid outer and inner rings have deep raceway grooves, with shoulders which are not generally interrupted by filling slots. Solid cages made from polyamide PA66 or brass, and sheet metal cages made from steel or brass, are used as standard cages. The bearings are open or sealed.

Suitable for predominantly radial loads:- The balls are in contact with the raceways at one point only. Under purely radial load, the contact points between the rolling elements and raceways lie at the centre of the raceway. As a result, the connection between the contact points passes through the radial plane, i.e. the optimum load direction is a pure radial load.

Capable of supporting axial loads in both directions:- Due to the deep raceway grooves in the bearing rings and the narrow osculation between the raceway grooves and balls, single row deep groove ball bearings can support axial loads in both directions. The axial load carrying capacity is dependent, for example, on the bearing size, the internal construction and the operating clearance. If the axial load is too high, however, this can increase the running noise and considerably reduce the operating life of the bearings.

Greased bearings are maintenance-free:- Deep groove ball bearings sealed on both sides are lubricated with a high quality lithium soap grease with a mineral oil base, which has good anti‑corrosion characteristics. The grease filling is measured so that it is sufficient for the entire life of the bearing. As a result, these bearings are generally maintenance-free.

Non-contact seals (For high speeds and lower requirements for sealing):- Non-contact seals are particularly suitable for applications with high speeds and high requirements for low heat generation. They are free from friction, except for a small amount of lubricant friction in the sealing gap. As a rule, non-contact seals do not undergo wear and therefore have an unlimited operating life. Deep groove ball bearings with non-contact seals on one or both sides have the suffixes RZ and 2RZ; the suffixes Z and 2Z indicate seals on one or both sides with sealing shields.

Contact seals (For lower speeds and higher requirements for sealing action):- As these seals are in contact with a defined contact pressure against their sliding surface, they provide very good sealing action against the egress of lubricant and ingress of moisture and dust. Attention must, however, be paid to the loss of energy resulting from friction at the sealing contact. Furthermore, in bearings with contact seals, the bearing speed is restricted by the permissible sliding velocity at the seal lip, i.e. the speed suitability of these bearings is lower than for open bearings or bearings with non-contact seals. Deep groove ball bearings with contact seals on one or both sides have the suffixes RS and 2RS

Weight22 g



Inner/Shaft Diameter


Outer/Housing Diameter




Seals / Shields





Chrome Steel

Alternate Reference

6001-2RSH, 6001-2RSR, 6001-C-2HRS



Metric / Imperial



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