Oilite bushes are made from oil impregnated sintered tin bronze giving a good balance between strength, wear resistance, conformability and durability in operation. Ideal in a wide variety of applications where “self lubricating” properties are required over a long period of time.

Oilite bearings are impregnated with a mineral oil having a high viscosity index and containing anti-oxidant, anti-rust and defoamant additives. They can be stored for a considerable period without deterioration or loss of oil if kept in a metal or other non-absorbant container, at room temperature.

After maching of the oilite bush, or following oil loss during storage, you might have to re-oil the bearing. Immerse in high quality mineral oil to VG68-150 at 60-C to 70-C for 10-15 minutes and then cool in cold oil.

Weight18 g
Dimensions20.63 × 20.63 × 19.05 mm


Inner/Shaft Diameter

15.87 (5/8)

Outer/Housing Diameter

20.63 (13/16)


19.05 (3/4)


Sintered Tin Bronze

Metric / Imperial



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